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Identification of the website publisher:
Publication: HELIONWOOD
Publication director, legal person in charge : Maxime des Monstiers
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60 rue Pierre Charron
75 008 Paris
Capital : 6.000.000€
Commercial register: 504 196 999 RCS Paris
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1 - Information:

The information published, including its appearance and characteristic features, on the website is not contractual in nature.
This information does not constitute any claim, guarantee or commitment of any kind whatsoever by of in respect of any product or service.
Helionwood hereby waives all express or implied liability as to its completeness, accuracy or adequacy for any specific purpose.
Helionwood has done everything in its power to ensure that the information accessible through its website is accurate. However, we do not warrant in any way whatsoever that this information is accurate, complete and up to date.
Helionwood does not assume any express or tacit warranty in respect of its entire website or part of it. Helionwood cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of its website.
The inclusion of hypertext links to other websites or resources available on the internet network does not establish any liability for or its hoster on the grounds of contents available on the designated sites.
Helionwood waives all liability concerning the contents of websites linked to the website of
Helionwood waives all liability concerning the adequacy of the information provided and the use that an internet user may make of it.

2 – Modifications :

Helionwood reserves the right to modify or correct at any time and without prior notice the contents of its website, regardless of the nature of such contents.

3 - Contact and reservation form:

The information collected from internet users through a contact form is in conformity with the French Data Privacy Act. We hereby inform you that your replies are optional and that failure to reply does not have any particular consequences. However, in certain cases your information must be sufficient to allow us to respond to and / or process your requests.

The standard terms and conditions of sale and cancellation in connection with the online reservation or request for reservation are specifically stated on the forms. The internet user may request a copy of the standard terms and conditions of sale. The online reservation solutions require the ticking of the box “acceptance of the standard terms and conditions of sale” prior to any purchase. Any visitor’s taxes will be stated on the invoice of the property; they are not included in the amounts stated upon reservation. has no influence over the fixing of said tax.

4 - Intellectual and industrial property rights:

The website and its copyright are protected in accordance with Book I, Titles I and II of the legislative provisions in the French Intellectual Property Code.
Consequently, any utilization of the products, including the entire website of or part of it, is not admissible without written authorization.
In accordance with common law provisions, Helionwood can hold their visitors contractually liable or institute legal proceedings on grounds of unfair or abusive competition if specific provisions are violated.
An internet user may not communicate any product including the entire website or part of it to third parties, even if they are legally different from it, against payment or free of charge, directly by communication of original data or indirectly through a combined form of said data.

The internet user may not modify, reproduce or adapt any product including the entire website or part of it and the data contained therein (including photos). The internet user may not copy by any means whatsoever, download, market, resell, distribute, transmit, publish, and automatically download in any form whatsoever any data available or hosted on the website.
Any abusive appropriation of rights to dissemination will be subject to sanctions in conformity with the regulatory and statutory provisions concerning copyright and producer rights under the French Intellectual Property Code. The same sanctions apply to any utilization of said products outside the limits of authorization granted by Emerya or Helionwood.

5 - Infringement:

Any reproduction, representation or utilization, even on a partial basis, by any process whatsoever, carried out without the written consent of Helionwood is prohibited and illegal. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement which may lead to claims being asserted under civil and criminal law against the infringing party.
Moreover, any third party owners of infringed contents of any kind whatsoever are entitled to initiate legal proceedings against the infringing parties. This provision also applies to any casual internet users.

6 - Processing and Individual Liberties :

In accordance with the Act number 78-17 of 2 January 1978, relating to data processing, data files and individual liberties, this website has been notified to CNIL (French Data Protection Authority).
You are entitled to access, amend, rectify and delete your personal data (art. 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" [Data processing, data files and individual liberties Act] of 6 January 1978). You may, at all times, request that this right is exercised by contacting us at the following email address:, or by sending a letter to the following address: Helionwood – 60 rue Pierre Charron – 75 008 Paris France.